Forward but n local copy for emails !


I have setup an user with the Mail forwarding settings to Deliver to Mailbox and Forward to adresses (with an hotmail adress as forward). The user receives well all emails sent at his account on hit Hotmail account but emails don't appear in local mailbox on my server unless I have setup the Deliver to Mailbox option. What's wrong ?





I made additional investigations and I think I understand where problem comes from ! It looks like the user has deleted the homes directory in its home account. How can I regenerate that directory correctly ?


Howdy -- if the the homes directory is missing, it would have to be manually re-created (as the Virtual Server owner). And then all the directories under that would need to be re-created with the permissions of the user who owns them.

Since it would be a little tricky to re-create everything with the correct permissions, you might find it easier to delete and re-create the various accounts involved if there aren't too many.

Isn't it possible to recreate it from a skeleton somewhere ? as I don't feel confortable to recreate everything (site in production).

Hum additional details: I created a new user in that account and it created then the homes directory but just for that new account. I tested that new account for outgoing/incoming emails and it works perfect. I guess I need then to delete existing accounts and recreate them to recover the deleted home files no ?

I just have one issue is that these two accounts I need to delete/recreate have some quota used (client use only main account to do all the ftp uploads for the website but these two other mailboxes account have some quota also. How to know where are these files ? as I guess they'll be deleted if I delete these mailboxes account right ?



Do you happen to have a backup of your domain that still has all those directories?

What you could try doing is to make a new backup now.

And then restore an older backup that contains all the directories in it that you need, followed by restoring the recent backup that you just made.

That should get you those directories back, while keeping all the files up to date.

In the backup, you wouldn't need to restore anything other than the files.

Unhappy that accident happened long time ago so no way to restore from archives :( As I noticed in webmin these two accounts had some quota and used space and then when looking at that space I found the issue. I think the customer moved by mistake in ftp the homes directory so it was in fcgi directory !! I moved it back at root of user account and voilà, everything back to normal :p

Thanks for all the help and sorry for noise,