Roundcube error database

I'm sorry but from yesterday i have an error when i acces to all my webmail domains, i use Roundcube and i have this error in all domains:

DATABASE ERROR: CONNECTION FAILED! Unable to connect to the database! Please contact your server-administrator.



The last make that i remember is update all to Roundcube 1.2.3

Howdy -- just to verify, is RoundCube the only web app having problems connecting to the database?

Your other web apps/sites are able to access the database without a problem?

Yes, only have problems with roundcube

I haven't run into a problem such as that before, but you may want to look in the Apache error log located in $HOME/logs/error_log to see if any additional errors are being logged.

You may also want to review the RoundCube config file, and verify that the database username and password are listed there and correct.

I uninstall script roundcube and install and its working now but in one domain, i have a 75 domains with roundcube, can i make automatically ??

We'd generally recommend having just one "generic" domain that all domains use to access their RoundCube email.

For example, if your company name is, installing RoundCube into and then secure that domain with SSL.

You could also use the URL redirects in the Apache Server Template to set it up so that would redirect to your preferred RoundCube installation.

If you need to install RoundCube into multiple domains, the best way to do that would be to use the Virtualmin command line tools.

You can see a list of options by running this command:

virtualmin install-script

You could then write a script that uses that to loop over all your domains and run that command.

However, writing scripts can be tricky if that's not something you're familiar with, and we'd suggest going the route of just having one RoundCube installation if that's possible.

Thank you Andrey, can i make a "virtualmin install-script --domain all-domains roundcube" or similar ??? if you have some example or page to read, i can not view nothing in wiki