How do we enable and use mod_status

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How do we enable and use the mod_status functions builtin Apache?

I can see that the module has been loaded using httpd -M But how do I configure / using it so that I see the status by using http://domain.tld/server-status/ Allot of the configurations they show in the guide is not found in the httpd.conf file.

Just like the example here

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Howdy -- you should be able to enable mod_status using the configuration options in the link you're seeing there.

You'd just need to add the options to the Apache VirtualHost config file for "domain.tld".

Jump down to the section where they say "So, basically, you need to define the same configuration for each virtual host for any domains you’ve configured in Apache. For example, the virtual host configuration for mod_status will look like this." and just follow the instructions they're offering there. That should get that up and running for you.

Has anyone been able to get ExtendedStatus to work properly on a new virtualmin install? Enabling it in the config does not seem to cause any change in behavior with only the non Extended Status fields shown.