My VPS is Ubuntu 16.04 but I have tried to keep these steps generic

  1. Spin up (or rebuild) VPS
  2. login to new VPS as root, create sudoer User, logout as root
  3. SSH back into VPS as new sudoer user
  4. install Virtualmin - go make a coffee, this will take a while
  5. open in a browser and login using UNIX sudoer Acct
  6. proceed through the post-install wizard
Closed (fixed)


Ok .. so does anything go wrong with this process?

not up to the documented point

Howdy -- I'm not sure I understand your question there. How can we assist?

There isn't a question, that's why I marked it as a task, not a support request

it was a reference log as I was getting the first domain up and running - I had it marked as "needs work" because it was incomplete :)

this whole thread can safely be deleted if you like - the steps noted at the top no longer reflect how I proceeded

Status: Needs work » Fixed (pending)

Steps outlined no longer reflect install steps taken

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.