Import Virtual Server does not detect any existing Apache virtual server and DNS domain

Here is the the list that shows what will be imported:

Working out what will be imported .. Will create new administration user majestic for domain.

Will create new administration group majestic for users.

Server is not accepting email for domain

No Apache virtual host matching was found.

No Apache SSL virtual host matching was found.

Webalizer is not set up for reporting on log file .

No BIND DNS domain named was found.

Logrotate is not set up for Apache virtual host

Plugin AWstats reporting is not set up for domain.

Plugin DAV Login is not set up for domain.

No Webmin user for this domain.

No unique virtual IP address for this domain.

As you can see No Apache and No Bind DNS was found. I am using the accounts username to do this import. Could the problem be because the user and usergroup use SuexecUserGroup "#511" "#502" for apache? I don't understand why this feature would not detect at least the DNS.




Howdy -- Jamie may need to take a closer look at that -- I suspect what he'd need to see is a copy of your backup file. Would it be possible for us to see that?

Thank you, Perhaps I am misinterpreting this feature? If so please correct me.

This method in Virtualmin Pro, under Add Servers > Import Virtual Server

There is no function to grab a backup file as I can see. I am looking at this to import an existing account from another Virtualmin server.

O.K. I got it now "an existing domain on your system under the control of Virtualmin"

So now my question is do I use the migration to import from another Virtualmin server? If so, what "backup file type" do I choose for a Virtualmin virtual account?

Ah, I may have mis-understood what you were looking to do there.

It sounds like you're saying that you have a working domain on another server, and you want to put that domain on this server?

If that's the case, my suggestion would be to create a Virtualmin backup of that domain, copy that backup to this server, and then restore the backup.

That is how you can migrate a domain to a new server.

Hmm, that does seem to indicate a problem of some kind.

This may just end up being gibberish, but what is the output of these commands:

head /usr/libexec/mysqld
tail /usr/libexec/mysqld