New features would be nice


I have a suggestions for 3 new feature which might be useful.

  1. A separate email template in server templates for admins/technical department when a new virtual server is created. Example I create a new virtual server and customer get their thank you email etc.. with non technical info and a person in the company gets an email with technical info for further processing. This would be really nice.

  2. In template server, it would be nice to create custom email address that is not set to username as default. Custom email can be specified in server template that is always and a random create password. This would be nice.

  3. Usually when creating a new virtual server it has to be setup. In server template I can choose to copy a template html files etc. from a specified folder to the newly create virtual server. But an sql script is also needed to be run into the created database for the new virtual server. If this could be automated where in server template I can choose an sql file which has always to be executed on the newly created virtual server. It would be really nice.

hope these are useful feature and will be added soon. is there any workarounds for the above suggestions which I can implement??

regards Joseph M.



Howdy -- the things you're mentioning there would probably best be achieved using a post-install script of some sort.

You'd have to build a script that performed the steps you need. The Virtualmin command line tools can be used to interact with Virtualmin and the accounts you have.

For example, you could change the email address for the main account using "virtualmin modify-domain --email".

You could also run the custom .sql in that same script, and import that into a database that's part of the new account.

To run a script when creating a domain, you can use System Settings -> Virtualmin Config -> Actions upon server and user creation, and there set "Command to run after making changes to a server" to point to your script.

If you have any additional questions regarding how to do that, as it looks like you're using Virtualmin GPL there, you'd want to use the Forums for support on that. We monitor the Forums, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community. Thanks!