Unable to save changes in "Features and Plugins" due to php.ini not found for *alias* servers


I'm trying to save changes (deselect some deafults) under features and plugins, but I get the error: -

Failed to save enabled features : Failed to copy /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini to /home/problemdomain/domains/problemdomain.co.uk/etc/php5/php.ini : cp: cannot create regular file ‘/home/problemdomain/domains/problemdomain.co.uk/etc/php5/php.ini’: No such file or directory

...where "problemdomain" is the user, "problemdomain.uk" is a virtualhost and "problemdomain.co.uk" is an alias to that domain.

As far as I can tell, neither the folder under problemdomain/domains nor the referenced .ini file would be expected to exist because this is simply an alias.

What should I do to enable me to save my changes to defaults?





Howdy -- Jamie has made some bugfixes in the upcoming Virtualmin version to handle some issues like you're describing.

What you may want to do as a quick fix and a temporary workaround, is to create the directory "/home/problemdomain/domains/problemdomain.co.uk/etc/php5/".

That should allow it so save what you're after there, and then once the new Virtualmin hits that should no longer be an issue.

HI Andreycheck,

That sorted it - thanks a lot!




And here's a perfect example of "searching the forums for help"... before I could even search for this, someone else had the question, and got an answer!

Awesome! : )