Stop recurring charges

Kindly note that I have recently purchased a 1 month license for Virtualmin. I wish to use the software for the current month but DO NOT wish to continue using paid version of Virtual min after expiry of the present license. Please remove my credit card from your accounts and remove my account from recurring subscription and charges.



Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

The method for stopping a subscription involves cancelling the license as well.

However, a cancelled license will continue to work for the time period you need, though it'll prevent you from receiving additional Virtualmin software updates.

Would you like us to cancel it altogether right now?

Alternatively, it looks like you purchased it on January 21, and it won't be up for renewal for 30 days, meaning February 21.

If you come back to us in mid-February, prior to February 21, you can have us cancel it then.

Do you have a preference of those two options?