continuing Excessive resource usage emails after migration.

Hi, after my migrating to a new server, I am getting hundreds and hundreds of Excessive resource usage emails from the server. These are for all sorts of things. The only difference between my old server and new one is CentOS 6.3 to CentoOS 7. I have checked google and it tells me how to disable these messages, but I didn't get these at all on the old server. My CSF install is exactly the same. What can I do please?



Howdy -- Virtualmin doesn't send emails relating to resource usage; are those by chance being generated by CSF/LFD?

My best guess is that processes are taking up more RAM now than they were previously, which can happen with newer software. That could be causing them to go over the threshold CSF/LFD uses.

CSF/LFD is a third party tool that we don't have experience with, so other than that I'm not really sure why it would be generating more notifications now than it was previously.

I can offer that while we don't use it, a number of Virtualmin users do, and we hadn't heard reports of it acting differently on CentOS 7.

Also, since LFD can be configured to kill processes which it thinks are using too much RAM -- I'd suggest reviewing your settings to ensure it's not going to try and kill any of those processes, until the threshold issues are straightened out.

Regarding the notifications, my suggestion would be to either increase the notification threshold, or disable notifications entirely.