Need information regarding virtualmin

I want to know what if odoo server is l ready installed on current machine, can we install virtualmin on the same machine ? because odoo runs with postgresql and what if it is already installed. Need to know the versions of apache,mysql,postfix and other server information.



Howdy -- while I'm not familiar with odoo, we do recommend installing Virtualmin onto a freshly installed version of your preferred operating system.

Running the install script makes some changes to config files that can affect existing websites, email addresses, and the like.

Would it be possible to install Virtualmin onto a new server, and then migrate your websites and applications over to that new server?

As far as software versions go -- Virtualmin, where possible, uses the software versions included with your Linux distribution. For for Apache, MySQL, and Postfix, you'd just want to look up the versions that come with the Linux distribution you're looking to use.