Scripted installation, removal of features

I'm trying to script the installation of Virtualmin, and I want to remove a few features from the cli, so that I can pass a virtualmin check-config test, as I am not deploying with mailman, bind, or apache installed. I tried using virtualmin disable-feature --all-domains --feature1 --feature2, and even tho it seems to update the created domain, check-config still fails complaining that mailman isn't running.

If I remove the features from the web control panel it works, is there a solution for the CLI?



Howdy -- even if the features are disabled from the domains, if it's still enabled in Virtual as an available option it would throw those errors.

What you'd want to do is log into the Virtualmin GUI, go into System Settings -> Features and Plugins, and there you can disable any feature you don't need.

That would prevent Re-Check Config from testing for those options.

You can disable features from the shell, with a command like :

virtualmin set-global-feature --disable-feature web