Let's Encrypt not renewing certificate automatically, even when option set

I have a webmin/virtualmin installation with a number of virtual servers. It seems that at least on of these virtual servers cannot automatically renew the SSL certificate through let's encrypt. I haven't got any error messages (by email) and I'm not sure where to check. I've selected it to renew every 2 months (should be plenty since let's encrypt provides 90 day certs). However, for the last twice the certificated needed renewing it has expired instead of being renewed. Any ideas why this is happening? If I click "Request Certificate" manually it renews without any problems.



That seems like a bug - which Virtualmin version are you running?

I have also encountered this issue (it's hard to test due to the cycle being at least a month!), but after the first failed I updated the server to it's current version of Virtualmin 5.05, it's running CentOS 6.8 with nginx installed instead of Apache.

I haven't tested a CentOS 7 server yet nor one with apache.

Ok, this should be fixed in the 5.05 release.

Thanks Jamie - any clue to when that will be available? Looking forward to the plethora of fixes and improvements :)

A few weeks at least

I'm sorry but where can i automatticaly renew SSL certificate ¿??? My virtualmin SSL say me its from a past year ago...

uinfor, we're happy to help, but it sounds like you're seeing a different issue than what's described above.

Since there's a lot of folks subscribed to this thread, could you create a new request?

We can go over that with you there. Thanks!

domains are still not renewed automatically in nginx setup(even with fix on line 2148 which fixes only manual renewal)