When creating an alias you can choose a different server conf template than the parent!?

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When a virtual server owner with configured template X creates an alias, it's possible to select a different server conf template than the parent. Why is this possible, shouldn't be hidden when creating the alias of the parent server? Please see attached images.

  • Tim


No, it makes sense in the case where the template effects the default settings for the alias domain.

Hi Jamie

So to understand your answer, it should be hidden or? :)

  • Tim

Jamie is saying that there are causes where alias domains may need to have different default features.

Being able to select the template allows the features to be different.

No, it shouldn't be hidden as it does have some effect.

Or are you looking for a way to hide it from domain owners?

Hi Jamie

I can't see how the serveralias should have the option to change the server configuration template. The serveralias in my world is just like adding an extra header (FQDN) to the parent site, so that it can manage more FQDN names on one site, such as www.a.tld ; support.a.tld etc. Why should it need the option to change the server configuration template when doing that? Can you give me some examples so I might understand why this should be possible when doing the serveralias creation?

Yes, it would be great to have the option to hide it from domain owners so that they can't see it. If I have setup virtual server www.a.tld with X options, then the domain owner should not be able to create a server alias with more options than www.a.tld already has. Because then the domain owner can undermine the actual options given for him or hers parent site from the selected product they have bought. Does it make sense the above?

  • Tim


Please be advised that I am talking about sub domain server alias. The domain owner doesn't have the option to add top domain server alias (where do I actual control this)?

  • Tim

The template can also effect things like the default DNS records though, and for an alias each domain gets its own DNS zone. As root, you can control which templates are accessible to domain owners, at System Settings -> Virtual Server Templates, by clicking on a template.

Hi Jamie

Thanks for the answers on this request. I will get it setup so the servers owners can't change the configuration template more than needed :)