Better understanding Nameservers within Virtualmin

Hi I hope you can help.

So far for my Ubuntu server I have just had one shared IP and I've only used two nameservers (which is a bit pointless as they both go to the same IP but some registrars require two, so I just set them both to the same IP...).

I want to understand how nameservers in Virtualmin work a bit better. And wondered if I could set another two up using a different domain to the first ones and still point them to the same server?

So currently I have as my primary Virtual Server domain. All the other Virtual Servers then use and set at the registrar.

If I want a new domain name to also have two nameservers and will this also work?

So then if I register further domain names I can set the nameservers as and and they'll also work and use the same server...

I don't know if this is what is meant by Child Nameservers or if it is something else. I just wanted to check if it works and how to correctly set it up etc.

Thanks very much for any help.



Howdy -- yeah it doesn't actually matter what the nameservers are, so long as they point to your server.

You're welcome to set them to anything you like -- if the nameservers are registered at a registrar, and they resolve to your IP address, you should be good.

You just need to ensure that you add DNS records for the nameservers on your Virtualmin server, which you can do by going into Server Configuration -> Edit DNS Records.

great thanks!