which email server is this tutorial related to?

Hi about the tutorialhttps://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/tutorial/how-to-create-email-ac...

1) which email server is using?

2) can this email can handle good traffic request? I plan to use it as order notification.



Howdy -- Virtualmin uses the Postfix email server, that's installed and configured automatically whenever the install.sh script is initially run.

And yes, Postfix can generally handle a lot of emails, though that of course also depends on the resources available on your server, such as RAM, disk speed, and such.

does virtualmin has tools monitoring postfix? or anytools to check which is needed so that I can upgrade RAM and CPU accordingly?

You can setup monitoring by going into Webmin -> Others -> System and Server Status.

There are a number of different monitoring tests you can setup there.

If you feel the system load is getting too high, you could then either add additional resources, or look into config tweaks to handle the type of load you are seeing.