Wordpress duplicator plugin migration trouble

I'm having trouble trying to migrate a Wordpress installation from a cPanel to Virtualmin Pro. I have the archive that was created by the Duplicator plugin which I understand is supposed to be one of the simplest ways to do this task, and I have the installer.php file. I start with a clean public_html folder and since the site is still live elsewhere, I have to try and do this through the Preview Website function. I have to run installer.php and fill in the details and then launch. I can't get any response from the test connection button, nor anything else when I try. I've also tried to install the Wordpress script and then manually extract the archive into the folder wtihout any success. If I do that, then when I try and access index.php or any php file for that matter, it just downloads it.

Please help. I have just 4 days to get something working for this client before their existing hosting service renews and could really use some assistance to get this working properly for them.




Howdy -- is it an option to generate a cPanel backup of that customer's domain, and then import that full cPanel backup?

Virtualmin supports importing an entire account by using the cPanel backup file.

You can import that in Add Servers -> Migrate Virtual Server.

That may be a simpler way to get things up and running, if you're able to do that.

I've tried that and it fails. That was a subject of a support ticket earlier this year with the same hosting provider. I'll try again and see if I can get it to work this time.

I'm not too familiar with the plugin you're referring to, I'm not sure we'd be too much help with that.

But we'd certainly be able to look into the cPanel backup migration if you like.

If you try that again and it fails, paste the output you receive while trying to import that.

All that said, it does sound like you're seeing another issue if you can't load any .php file at all...

Can you clarify which Ubuntu version you're using? Are you really using 10.04?

Also, are you using the standard PHP version, or had you installed a different/newer one?

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Submitted by Joe on Wed, 12/28/2016 - 22:30 Pro Licensee

A backup made from within WordPress should be able to be restored using the same plugin installed on the new system. I haven't used that particular plugin, but I've experimented with others. You'd just create a new WordPress site in Virtualmin, login to WordPress and prep the system for restoring...probably installing the same plugins you had on the old system (unless the Duplicator plugin handles that part, too), and then you'd run the restore using whatever mechanism Duplicator provides for restoring.

But, if there's problems with cPanel backups we can help fix that. I don't know of any outstanding issues with cPanel migrations, but, if you find one, let's fix it!