How to have custom items added automatically when creating a new virtual server


I would like to know if this is possible and if so how would I go about configuring such:

I want that whenever I create a new virtual server, then the following must also be done during the creation stage of the virstual server:

1) A specific custom directory called "BACKUPFILES" be created in the virtual server user home directory 2) A specific MYSQL database be created and this db to populated with certain tables 3) Set the virtualmin server time to GMT+1

If this cannot be done as requested, is there a way to automate this everytime I create a new virtual server instead of manually having to do this each time?

Thanks -M



Howdy -- that unfortunately can't be done from within Virtualmin itself, but you could always have Virtualmin trigger a script you've built to run each time a domain is created.

You can configure that in System Settings -> Virtualmin Config -> Actions upon server and user creation, and there, check out "Command to run after making changes to a server".