Fail2ban and OpenDKIM no updates

And here we are again, why Virtualmin isnt pushing new Fail2Ban and OpenDKIM updates. First time i reported this was probably more than a year ago and still we need to enable EPEL to be able to update or install(??), even this software comes integrated with Virtualmin.

From Fai2ban:

0.9.x line is no longer heavily developed. If you are interested in
new features (e.g. IPv6 support), please consider 0.10 branch and its

So we are at the end of 0.9.x life (EPEL updated to 0.9.5) and i can bet some people are still using < 0.9.3 what is now year and half old version. New Fail2ban 0.10.0 comes with IPv6 support and although its in Alpha it must be taken into consideration once its out of Alpha/Beta/RC stage.

Can we finally get somewhere with this situation.

OS: Centos7

Vm: 5.05

Wm: 1.821



Virtualmin doesn't provide the Fail2Ban or OpenDKIM packages though - it just uses whatever versions are supplied by your Linux distribution or 3rd-party repository.

Yes, on CentOS it's necessary to install Fail2ban from the EPEL repo. That's not a core Virtualmin feature, it's one of many Webmin-offered features (Webmin supports numerous features that don't necessarily come standard with all distros).

However, our documentation describes how to install Fail2ban from EPEL, and anyone doing so will get updates for it via EPEL.

OTOH, OpenDKIM is in our repo, as DKIM is a core Virtualmin feature.

Our goal there isn't to provide the absolute latest version of OpenDKIM, it's to provide a stable featureset for Virtualmin.

There aren't any security fixes between the version we have and the one on EPEL, so anyone requiring the newer features can always grab it from EPEL. We hadn't had other requests for a newer OpenDKIM version so that hasn't been a high priority.

However, I'll talk to Joe about updating that when time allows... he has a lot on his plate at the moment with some website updates he's working on along with all the current holiday activities. I'll touch base with him after the holidays, and perhaps in the next few weeks we can look into that and see if it's feasible to update it.