PHP upgrade to 5.6.29 for one particular Virtual Service is not working properly

I recently needed to upgrade one of the virtual servers to PHP 5.6 and also install IonCube loader for that PHP version.

at the command line php -v is showing the correct PHP version 5.6.29 but when trying to load webpages from that particular virtual server i am getting PHP errors and errors with loading IonCube... Virtualmin seems to work fine for other virtual servers showing the previous PHP 5.5 version

I need assistance in getting the correct PHP version to load in that virtual server.



If you changed the PHP version for a domain, you may need to un-install and re-install IONcube.

Howdy -- also, if Jamie's suggestion doesn't help, let us know what error you see in the error logs for that domain. Those are located in $HOME/logs/error_log.