LiteSpeed instead of Apache


I have webmin and virtualmin installed, I'd like to use LiteSpeed WebServer instead of Apache. LSWS is compatible with apache configuration files ; and it is up and running on my server.

However, I don't know how to make virtualmin detect it and use it instead. My goal is to then migrate my website and use it with LSWS.

Thanks for any help.



Howdy -- we unfortunately don't have any experience with LiteSpeed. Apache and Nginx are the only web servers that Virtaulmin formally supports.

I read that LiteSpeed is an Apache drop-in, but in order for Virtualmin to support it, it would need to support suexec, CGI, FCGID, and mod_php in the same way that Apache does (amongst some other modules).

If it does, you might be able to trick Virtualmin into thinking that Apache is running by configuring Webmin to look for the LiteSpeed .pid files, rather than the ones used by Apache.

But we've never tested anything like that before, and it's very possible that may not work properly.

It looks like you're using Virtualmin GPL there though... as this area here is for folks using Virtualmin Pro, if you had any followup questions, we'd encourage you to use the Forums for those. We monitor the Forums, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community!

Also, if you post there, you may hear from some users who've tried similar things, they may be able to offer whether or not such a setup is able to work.

"this area here is for folks using Virtualmin Pro, if you had any followup questions, we'd encourage you to use the Forums for those" Ha ! Didn't see this indicated anywhere.

Unless you feel it hurts your work I'd like to close this there.

I replaced configuration files to point to lsws and load config files ; installed apache ; configured lsws to use apache's config files ; webmin's apache webserver don't throw error, detect correctly if it's launched or not with the pid, and I have created a virtual host/server ; but virtualmin tells me "No virtual servers using the feature Apache website were found." Is there anything I can try to fix it ? Why would it not detect the server the other module see ?

Sorry, I'm unfortunately really not sure... my only guess is that either the config isn't identical to what Apache uses, or that the location of where the various "VirtualHost" definitions within the config is different from what Virtualmin expects.

None of us have any experience with LiteSpeed though so we can't offer any additional thoughts with that.

If you had any followup questions, it'd be best to ask those in the Forums. There's a lot of folks who monitor those, and some of them may have tried it before. Thanks!'s picture
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Has anything changed wrt Litespeed (LSWS)? The new version of LSWS incorporates a server-level cache solution, which means that there is no need for a separate squid/varnish install. As its an Apache drop-in replacement, its a no-brainer upgrade to improve performance of hosting wordpress, joomla, magento etc. Based on their number (still to be tested) they claim a 90X improvement is speed over a standard Apache install.

"LSWS has been designed to read and run off Apache's httpd.conf and .htaccess files. This means there's no configuration necessary when you switch to LiteSpeed. It uses the Apache settings you already have and works with your applications out of the box — including hosting control panels written for Apache."

I didn't see plugins for Virtualmin, but they do have them for cPanel, DirectAmin and WHM.

No, we haven't done any work on Lightspeed yet