Virtualmin License no longer recognized as valid on installations

I have a valid unlimited Virtualmin license, valid until January 2017. Recently all my Virtualmin installations report: Now re-checking your Virtualmin license .. .. a problem was detected : Your serial number is licensed for only 1 servers, but is being used on 41.

I'd like to get this fixed, but don't know what to do.



Howdy -- it sounds like someone may have gotten ahold of your license info.

Joe and I are looking into that, and will work with you to change to a different license number. We'll get back with you shortly regarding that.

Okay, you should now be able to run this command on your server to update your license:

virtualmin change-license --serial 5560062 --key Khtu4Dbe5r

Let us know if that does the trick for you!

Thanks for providing the new key. It partially works. I can now update from the Virtualmin pro repositories, but the key appears to be only for one installation versus the unlimited key that I had. After installing it on a few VPSs, here is the new error I get:

Warning! A problem was detected with your Virtualmin license : Your serial number is licensed for only 1 servers, but is being used on 4. A renewal can be purchased at

Please can you update the records so the new key is a for unlimited installations?

Just to verify, how many installations is your Virtualmin license currently active on?

There shouldn't be any limits on the number of domains you can add, but as I look there is something incorrect about the license, I'll take a closer look at that.

I've updated to the new key on around 8 of my installations. Yes, I think something is wrong because when you update I see the following:

[root@ns3285226 ~]# virtualmin change-license --serial 5560062 --key Khtu4Dbe5r Checking serial 5560062 and key Khtu4Dbe5r .. .. valid for unlimited domains until 2017-01-15 Updating Virtualmin YUM repository .. .. done Updating Virtualmin license file .. .. done [root@ns3285226 ~]#

So you see that as you change the key, it says my license is valid for unlimited domains, but when you go to login Virtualmin, it reports it as being valid only for one installation.

Also, I have only been changing the key on the VPSs that I know are secure. I think I know which VPS was hacked and the key abstracted. I haven't replaced the key on that one as I haven't fixed it yet.

Ah, maybe that's the issue... how many installations do you have there?

A Virtualmin Unlimited is indeed good for unlimited domains -- but only on one server.

Our licenses are only designed for one server, not multiple servers.

I'm really sorry for the confusion, but if you're looking to run Virtualmin Pro on multiple servers, you'd need an individual license for each one.

I don't want to sound crabby as I really like Virtualmin and the support you provide. But, I would like you to consider a couple of things:

  1. Nowhere on this page can I see that it says that the unlimited domains are restricted to one server:

  2. I've had the unlimited license for almost a year. I have about 30 or so VPSs on which I had Virtualmin GPL installed before I bought the license. I installed the license on all these VPSs and it worked fine for about 8 months. It is only recently that I have been getting the error.

  3. If it right that I should be able to install on one server, I would not have bought an unlimited license in that most of servers have one to three domains on them.

  4. If I now need to go back to Virtualmin GPL on the VPSs that I have, how do I do that to get rid of the error?

As you can imagine, I am pretty dissapointed.

Sorry for the confusion!

We used to have that text on there, but I see that's no longer the case.

That may have been inadvertently dropped over time as the website content was tweaked.

There's always been code in Virtualmin to print a warning if it's detected on more than one system, but perhaps there was a bug preventing that from being displayed over the last few months. Nuts!

Since you've been using it this whole year, and your current license is good through January, we won't give you a hard time about finishing up the license period as you currently have things setup.

But maybe we can try and figure out a way to get you what you are interested in for your servers there.

Are there perhaps a handful of servers you'd like to see Virtualmin Pro on? I'm curious if maybe a lower sized license would work, and if you're buying a few of them we can offer you a discount?

I took a trip and was out of the country for a while. Now I am back, I would like to see what I can work out with you. It looks like I have the license installed on about 30 VPSs and dedicated servers. What could I pay so that I could keep what I thought I bought originally? I like the product and don't mind paying you to use it. If we could work something out for unlimited use, you would get more money out of me versus me having a pro license on one VPS with less than 10 domains and going back to GPL on the rest.

We appreciate your interest in coming up with a compromise... I'm not sure we can do exactly what you're after there though.

We unfortunately don't have a license that covers an unlimited number of domains across an unlimited number of servers... the unlimited license is only for one server.

Even with a discount (the highest we have in our system is 36%), it's still going to be fairly expensive to put even a Virtualmin 10 on each of those 30 systems.

I suppose I'm curious if you'd be interested in a Pro license on just a handful of your servers there? That might be a more affordable option.

I understand having what I had was an anomaly. I don't think I need the professional version on all my VPSs and dedicated servers. Most of my VPSs and servers have less than 10 domains on them. You charge $60 a year for the 10 license version. Last year, I spent $200. How many 10 license versions could I get for around that sum? In other words, if I bought multiple 10 license versions, could I get a discount?

I didn't get a response from you so I just converted all my VPSs and dedicated servers to GPL as a starting point. I then purchased a 10 license installation license and a cloudmin connect license.

I need help now installing the new license on the one VPS. (Although I followed the steps for downgrading, my site still tells me the license is expired, and there is no option in System Settings -> Upgrade to Virtualmin Pro). I also need help changing the expired license on cloudmin connect to the new license.

Do you want to help with my issues here or should I open separate tickets for those issues?

My apologies, for some reason I didn't get your notification!

We'd be happy to help get things installed for you, though that was about 2 weeks ago at this point -- how are things looking now, and how can we assist?

However, yeah we may want to go over installation questions in a new request, that might make things a bit simpler later.

Please feel free to open up a new support request and we'll help get things straightened out!