awstats not available message wrong

SuSE 9.3 For 3 days I have been reinstalling because of new "not available" messages which I fixed (except for the awstats). Have installed over and over making all kinds of changes and installs. (which brings up other question - why doesn't the install, install what it needs or check for everything it needs at once). But I regress, The last was to install the WEbmin awstats module directly from sourceforge... it installed fine and is displayed in webmin. SuSE shows it installed as well. I installed and uninstalled many timee because VM install program keeps saying it is not available. I have tried installing "basic" awstats from many other RPM sources (not the Webmin module version) but get hundreds of Panic error messages (perhaps from the working with Webmin module awstats, I don't know, and there is no information given that the Webmin module is all that I need or not.) I spent a day working on the "not qualified host" problem before finding out that was a bug. Now, it has been 3 days on this. I am assuming I am dealing with another bug.

Closed (fixed)