New UI very slow


I love the new theme on Virtualmin but it seems to be very slow, and even hard on some older computers. Is there anything we can do to keep each page from taking so long to load? CPU loads are extremely low, disk IO is very low, everything on the server is running efficiently. It's just the new html5 GUI theme that seems to be slow. Thanks!




Howdy -- do you have an example of a page that you're finding slow?

How long is it taking to load?

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Submitted by Joe on Fri, 12/02/2016 - 02:58 Pro Licensee

There were some significant speedups in 18.20 of the theme, and a few more in the upcoming 18.30...but, if you're still seeing it be "very slow", I wonder if something else is going wrong. Can you confirm you have 18.20 of the Authentic theme? If you have an older version, updating will likely help (the latest version of Webmin has this version, I think, but I'm not sure...).

Most of the slowness was/is actually client-side. It was pulling in a whole lot of files, a web font, and executing a huge list of JavaScript files on every page load. But, Ilia has optimized all of that quite a lot in the newest version; but, even so, a lot of the things about the new theme that are slow come from it being quite heavy on the client, rather than the server. What browser and OS are you using on the client?