Big problem with big delay delivery mails

Lately i have a big problem with delivery delay of 4/6 or 8 hours in emails come from servers in EEUU, we are in Europe, Spain, and my datacenter have a big bandwith and we monitor it constantly and we have left plenty of leftover, the ping to this ip returns 140/150 ms a little big but enough for send mails, i send it very quickly, this is only a example i have a lot of problem with business hosted in a cloud of Microsoft for example, the mails who send me have a delivery of 4/6 hours and i send it very quickly.

Some of you have these problems?

Is there something I can do or do I need to configure to not take so long to deliver a fucking few kb mail?

Any help, sympathy or condolence will be well received :-)



Howdy -- I unfortunately haven't heard of similar reports occurring.

Are you able to get additional information from the sending server on why they're having problems sending the email? Normally the admin of the sending server will have additional information on why the server is having trouble sending the email, such as if it's unable to communicate with the mail server, whether it's a DNS issue, and so forth.

Also, do you see any errors in /var/log/maillog when servers are trying to contact you?

No, simply all domains hosted in microsoft cloud have a delay of hours with my server, i search another error and put all headers, but i view the delivery delay in headers

What about other sources, are other providers able to send email to your server immediately, without the delay you're seeing with Microsoft?

Yes, i test from hotmail and gmail and works like a charm

Hmm, I'm not sure what might cause that from some providers, but not others, unless there's some sort of network route issue between your system and theirs.

The only thought I have, is that if you're using greylisting -- you might consider temporarily disabling that, just to ensure that's not the cause of the problem.