Network on new server

New server. Xeon QuacCore, 32GB, 500GB boot drive. Fast and the install went smooth. However, the first thing was to replace another machine with a few accounts on it and restoring the backups broke the new server. Had to hook up a crash cart and restart network. Got error saying Virtualmin could not work out the default IPv4 address. Fixed in the module configuration page and then got the same error for v6. Still, when creating an account or doing anything that is suppose to change the network interface the network on the server dies. Adding an virtual account and the IP may look OK but you can't ping it, so it is not really getting added - or at least it is not working after being added. Just saving anything in the Network Configuration area, even if there are no changes being made will kill the network? Server has dual network interfaces but I can't see that it should matter. Is there a way to see what is going on with the network when it dies?



Hmm, that's all very unusual!

When you run into a network problem after saving something in the network configuration area -- how do you re-gain access to your server?

For example, is the issue resolved by rebooting?

Thanks for all the info! You're right, it certainly does itch the brain.

If you're interested in troubleshooting the issue, here is what I think would be helpful for diagnosing it.

I would be curious to see the output of the commands "ifconfig" and "route -n" now (as in, when it's working).

And then, I'd be curious to see the output of those same commands after trying to save the network config page, where the network is no longer working.

That should give us some insight into what changes are being made that are causing it to break.

We just installed everything again and selected the other network interface on the Dell server and presto, it works now. I put a piece of tape over the second network port so I don't ever use it again. Just bought another pro license for the machine. Love virtualmin and the pro version is well worth the investment. Yes, we could install Joomla or WordPress manually but gads, just the fact that it is a button click for the install is well worth it.

It's good to hear good 'ol tape has a place in the computer world still :-)

Thanks for letting us know that things are working properly now, and we're glad to hear you like using Virtualmin!