Upgraded to a 50 site license, just need to cancel my old one. 5559736



Howdy -- thanks for upgrading your license!

I'm trying to determine if we should be offering you a partial refund for your Virtualmin 10, but I'm not understanding what I'm seeing in our billing system (which is far from a good system :-)

It looks like you purchased your Virtualmin 10 in 2015. And it looks like it's good until 2017. However, licenses back then were typically good for a year at a time, and I don't see a renewal listed in our system here.

Did one of us grant you a free renewal perhaps? Or is our billing system goofing up and not showing a payment that you made?


I purchased 50 on 11/28. Here is the license and the serial number for the 50 I bought.

5563963 8FA4KhvT4n 50