Cant install django tools on Nginx web server

Hello ,Im using nginx web server on my own debian 8 server .Also when i go install the django tools i cant install it .Its only support apache web server .How Can i install django app on nginx to virtualmin.Thank You



Howdy -- unfortunately, the Django Install Script does require Apache. It's not possible to install the Django Install Script when using Nginx.

One of the main reasons for that is because Apache's Mongrel and proxying features are used to make all of that work.

It might be possible to install Django manually on Nginx, though we're not familiar with that procedure.

We do recommend Apache where possible, so if switching to that is a consideration, that would enable you to install it automatically.

Your other option would be to look into how to perform an installation manually with Nginx, but we're unfortunately not familiar with how to perform a manual install on Nginx.