Not all Variables work in Domain Modification Scripts

Dear Developers!

My need is to track the changes my users made on their virtual servers. I'd like to do that by e-mail. For this reason I'd like to use Variables In Domain Modification Scripts as described here:,template_variable_listing/

But I have some issues with it:

1. The following Variables seems to have no effect:
- $VIRTUALSERVER_FIELD_Name (This is a Custom Field of mine called "Name")
- $PARENT_* or $VIRTUALSERVER_PARENT_* (I don't know, which one to use)

2. Not all Variables seems to have the "before and after making changes" values separately (aka have the modified not the original value when run before change):
- Can be more I haven't tested at all

3. The plugin features Variables seems to be replaced by the $VIRTUALSERVER_VIRTUALMIN, not the $VIRTUALSERVER_VIRTUALMIN-Variable part, giving useless output.

I made this full-featured test script and called from the Configuration For module Virtualmin Virtual Servers

Closed (fixed)