Substitutions available in mail to server owners

Virtualmin Theme version: 6.8
Virtualmin version: 3.67
Operating system: Ubuntu Linux 8.04.2

(this is basically a repost of

after finishing all server migrations, I'd like to send mail to every server owner detailling all aspects of the new virtualmin-based hosting. Where can I find a complete list of all substitution variables available in such mail? Is it exactly the 4 tokens listed on the "email server owners" page, or are there more?

In the mean time, I've played around a little, finding that I've had issues with the correct syntax for if-blocks. In my mails, they turned up unevaluated.

Also, I wasn't sure how to handle domains vs. sub-domains. In my tests, the sub-domains didnt produce any email (I expected them to do so since you can chosse them from the list).

Can you shed some light onto this? Kind regards,

Christian Aust

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