Re: Add sub-domain DNS records to parent domain?

I've been trying in vain to get the:

"Add sub-domain DNS records to parent domain?"

feature to work with Virtualmin GPL.

Seems I've turned the feature on, but when I create a new "sub-server" in the form of:

The newly created "subdomain" automatically creates a BRAND NEW zone file.

To date, I've not found a single DNS provider who will actually support this type of setup, as they generally only support adding a "single" zone per domain.

Please help, because it was indicated many times that this would not be a problem, then later it was indicated that it was a bug, but would be fixed during the last release.

Sadly, if this issue continues to persist, the product will lose a great deal of its usefulness, and I may be forced to switching to another product for virtual hosting management.

Thanks for your consideration in getting this working the way one would expect it to!


Closed (fixed)