Varnish with Apache

Hello, Our servers are hosting websites with lot of images and hence we are thinking of leveraging Varnish and probably, Nginx reverse proxy..

Reading this through:

I am wondering if this is a well working options? Would require your comments and guidance to decide if this makes sense.. I am looking at CWP Panel and apparently they offer by default this kind of setup.. probably makes sense to dig into this.

Thanks, Rohit



yup, had seen that, Asking any users who have configured this in production environment and happy with the setup?

its alright to not have varnish cache support for ssl based domains.. atleast there will be performance due to default apache hosts. Any other points or loop holes?

You can always ask on the Forums as well if you'd like to get some additional input... we don't personally use Varnish though.

However, we did include some of the Varnish limitations in the documentation we wrote up.