CentOS 7 + Virtualmin Pro + Apache Modules

CentOS 7 + Virtualmin Pro + Apache Modules

When looking at all the enabled modules with apache. It seems there are lots more (could this be due to Virtualmin) ? Than otherwise specified on Apache Tuning Guides regarding stock modules.

Which ones are Virtualmin necessary? So I don't break the setup.

Thank you kindly!

  • Brandon


Howdy -- Virtualmin needs the suexec, rewrite, cgi, fcgid, ssl, and actions modules. Those are the only ones it enables when being installed (and some of those are enabled by default anyhow).

Virtualmin is capable of utilizing features from other modules, but they aren't strictly necessary. Those modules include things like dav, proxy, and php (and the related modules).

What we haven't tried, is running with as few modules as possible -- so I'm not sure what what all modules can be disabled, and still have Apache be reasonably capable of delivering websites.

But hopefully the above helps!


Thank you for that. I will report back on this thread when I have found the most minimal list of modules that will support a SSL PHP 7 CMS site while keeping Virtualmin operational. That could help others in the future perhaps.

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