Remove hard-coded link to Java File Manager

Virtualmin's comparatively new File Manager module is really good one, so we don't want any other types of file managers on our servers and have removed the Webmin's Java File Manager module. Unfortunately, deleting the module does not take care of the relevant menu link, which I am afraid is hard-coded and still there. Clicking on it naturally shows Error - File not found message.

So this request is about removing the hard-coded link for Java File Manager module from Virtualmin's UI, but at the same time (not to file another request) is about making ALL menu items dependent on whether their respective modules are presented in the system and enabled or not. Just think: why Webmin/Virtualmin would have menu items on UI if the respective modules are removed?!



Do you have the new file manager installed? Virtualmin should link to it if installed..

Yes, I do and frankly saying I've already confirmed that by saying Virtualmin's comparatively new File Manager module is really good one. But instead of throwing questions in reply, please just try yourself and see - uninstalling Webmin's Java File Manager module leaves dead link on menu.

Ok, but what's confusing me is that here should never be a link to the old Java file manager in the first place! At least not in the "Virtualmin" tab, if the new file manager is installed.

Is the old file manager being accessed using the Webmin tab perhaps, rather than in Virtualmin itself?

Oh, does this appear only when using the Authentic theme?

Probably yes, because I didn't test this switching to other themes. So the problem might quite be of Authentic Theme. If so, please re-assign the ticket to proper project. Thanks!

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Ilia - does the Authentic theme make any assumptions about the URL of the file manager module when linked from Virtualmin?