Virtualmin License


I have a hosted server which I plan to deploy a public website and an application. I also have a localy hosted VirtualBox server which I plan to use as a mirrored version of my public server, and use as a developement/testing server before I deploy the finnalized work load onto the public server.

My question is... since I have a paid Virtualmin License, can I use the same License on both servers, so that they are identical duplicated of each other, in order to minimize descrepancies and reduce my bug tracking time. I really hate to waste my time trying to figure out what is different between live and development servers when I run into snags.

Or... will I have to buy a second Virtualmin License and use two seperate License's for each server?

Regards Michael



Howdy -- you're interested in having a nearly identical server for testing/development purposes?

No problem, go ahead and install the same license on both. We like having testing and development servers as well, and we don't want to charge extra for that sort of thing.

Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions.

Have a good weekend!

Thank you for your answer, and Im pleased to know that I dont have to purchase an additional license

Regards Michael