clamav running amuck on 3 servers causing outages

clamd-virtualmin is causing havoc with 3 servers, high CPU and child processes with clamscan. We've had to stop the service on all the servers. All this just started yesterday and today. Is there an update to Clamav?

Help... Thanks, Bill



Howdy -- yes, there is unfortunately a bug with ClamAV on CentOS 5.

Our suggestion for the time being is to disable ClamAV, and we're working on putting together a new ClamAV package for that distro.

Thanks. Please let me know as soon as its available.

any timeline for the new package?

No timeline yet, I'll see if Joe has an update. We've had some servers troubles over the last few days so that's gotten in the way of us getting a new package out, unfortunately. But I've pinged Joe regarding this, hopefully it'll be here soon!

Hi, Any advice on how to disable Clamav? I've stopped the processes on and stopped it from starting on boot as well but freshclam and clamav still spawn throughout the day. I have to kill them multiple times during the day on multiple servers

I've followed up with Joe to try and figure out when the new packages will be available. I'm not sure, unfortunately.

In the meantime though --

One, you'd want to make certain that in System Settings -> Features and Plugins, that the ClamAV feature is disabled.

Also, there is likely a FreshClam Cron job that's causing the issues you're seeing there -- you'd want to disable that cron job as well.

any update on the new package?

They should be available now, you can install them by running the command "yum update".