Strange backup failure "lock" error

Hi sorry to bother you. I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 and every time my server tries a Full Virtual Servers backup everything completes except one error which stops one of the subdomains:

Failed to lock file <tt>/home/</tt> after 5 minutes. Last error was :  at /usr/share/webmin/ line 1427.

Thanks if you can help or suggest any fixes for this.



Howdy -- hmm, what output does this command produce:

ls -la /home/

Also, what about :

cat /home/

Hi thanks for the help.

The first command gives:

ls -la /home/                                                    
ls: cannot access '/home/': No such file or directory

and the other command gives:

cat /home/                                                    
cat: /home/ No such file or directory

Thanks for any suggestions...

What about :

cat /home/

That should output the PID of the process that is holding the lock, which you can either lookup with the ps command, or kill to force an unlock.

Hi that file also no longer exists and today's backup seems to have worked - so does that now mean whatever the error was has corrected itself?

Thanks for the help :)

Looks like whatever was holding the lock before has completed.