Replacing CM Services DNS Host

I have a CM Services master name server which has 5 domains on it via CM Services Client. I am replacing this name server with a newer OS. What files need to be moved so that the new master NS will know it's a CM Svcs host and everything will continue to work the same as the old NS host?



Hmm ... that's tricky. Is this server that's being moved hosting master domains, or secondary?

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Submitted by Steffan on Tue, 10/18/2016 - 14:40 Pro Licensee

It's my ns1 VM running CentOS 6 being replaced with a new ns1 on CentOS 7 being configured exactly the same way. It's hosting master domains.

The only supported way to do this currently is to disable DNS for all domains, change the cloudmin services DNS host, then re-enable DNS again. This should re-create the domains on the new host.

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Submitted by Steffan on Wed, 10/19/2016 - 01:35 Pro Licensee

Is it necessary to allow slaves from CM Services Slaves to each client when NS1 has the clustering set up for NS2, 3 and 4?

So there are also slaves replicating from the system you plan to replace?

I wonder if maybe it would be easier to just backup the BIND config files, re-install the OS on the same machine, keep the same IP, and then restore the BIND config. That way, Cloudmin won't see it as a new machine at all.

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Submitted by Steffan on Thu, 10/20/2016 - 00:54 Pro Licensee

Yes, there are slaves off this NS1. I already added the two new NS3 and NS4. I moved over the NS2.

I have not swapped out the NS1 yet. I will probably do that over the weekend. It should just be a matter of the zones and the configs for DNS and then set up the slaves in the cluster.

I already swapped out my old NS2 the same way. I just took the old NS2 IP and put it as a secondary IP until all the cache has run out in browsers etc. I’ll remove it this weekend and all good there.

My only concern is that I didn’t want to backup every site just to restore to add the CM Host again.

As long as disabling bind and re-enabling re-adds the domains to the CM Host then I should be good.

I have name VMs running a master DNS and pushing to my NS2. This CM services will allow me to offload DNS from those other VMs. Just need an EASY way to migrate.

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Submitted by Steffan on Mon, 10/24/2016 - 03:01 Pro Licensee

Nice! Turning off the BIND in the virtual server and then re-enabling it worked perfectly. Thank you!