ubuntu 14.04 / php 5.6 / varnish / joomla cannot install extensions - permissions?

I can't seem to upload to Joomla. Fresh install with RocketTheme Premium Template. All installed smooth. I then installed and configured Varnish which I ran into a few hiccups, which are resolved (I don't think varnish could cause permissions issues...)

Attached is a screenshot of my current issue.

I checked permissions on /tmp /components and even added www-twd (thewarriorsdojo.com) virtualmin account name to www-data group, but that didn't seem to make a difference. Also checking the folder permissions. 755

Running in apache_mod mode.

Thanks for your awesome product!



Which PHP execution mode are you using for this domain - mod_php or fcgid?

This changes which Unix user PHP scripts run as, and thus how file permissions effect writes.

I am using mod_php.

I'm also receiving these type of errors on rockettheme joomla pages...

"0 An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template ("Opening file for writing failed on error fopen(/home/www-twd/public_html/cache/gantry5/rt_requiem/compiled/yaml/93a2037ef94bafcad056d77a9bc25676.yaml.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied") in "@nucleus/page.html.twig" at line 3."

which can be seen here: http://thewarriorsdojo.com/features/typography

Do you think Varnish could have anything to do with this? I had to edit the configuration files of apache manually after installing it... as in Virtualmin didn't properly manage the virtualmachine.

And my main host ...

http://maximumlove.us/ is no longer going to the default apache page. It's going to the virtualmachine http://thewarriorsdojo.com

I'm confused as to what I did incorrectly. Thank you for the support and again, the great product.

If you're using mod_php, you would want to ensure that any directories your web app needs to write to are writable by the Apache process.

It sounds like you did some tweaking with the group permissions -- however, for starters, what I might suggest is running "chmod 777 /home/www-twd/public_html/cache/gantry5/rt_requiem/compiled/yaml/", and then try loading the above "http://thewarriorsdojo.com/features/typography" URL again.

When it's mode "777", does that work properly? If you've added www-data to the user's group, you could also try making it mode "775" and see if that works.

And then after that, you'd need to do the same for the "components" directory mentioned in the screenshot you shared.

Now, if you don't need mod_php, you might have a easier time using FCGID, which runs everything as the Virtual Server owner rather than the Apache user, which prevents those sorts of permission issues. But it sounds like you're using mod_php for a reason there.

We'd be happy to troubleshoot your white page issue if you like... what we'd suggest in that case is to look at the Apache error log, and see if an error is appearing there in that case.

However, regarding Varnish -- I'll start off by offering that we're not Varnish experts, and we aren't really using it ourselves.

Knowing that, I had sat down to try it out a few months back, and produced this documentation for how to configure it for use with Virtualmin:


Does that help at all? Would that setup work in your case?