Errorpages directive doesn't work

Hi Guys,

I stumble accross something that is implemented in many servers but does not seem to be implemented in your system.

Custom Error Pages.

I have tried to add errorpages to ther virtual server and to the httpd.conf, but no matter what I do, I do not get to see any of them..

I added this:
ErrorDocument 400 /public_html/ErrorPages/400.html
ErrorDocument 401 /public_html/ErrorPages/401.html
ErrorDocument 402 /public_html/ErrorPages/402.html
ErrorDocument 403 /public_html/ErrorPages/403.html
ErrorDocument 404 /public_html/ErrorPages/403.html
ErrorDocument 500 /public_html/ErrorPages/500.html
ErrorDocument 501 /public_html/ErrorPages/501.html
ErrorDocument 503 /public_html/ErrorPages/503.html

The pages exist, check

But when I type something like I get a default empty page.

So how can I add these errorpages to ALL sites and possibly allow the enduser to overide these with their own ?

Hope you can assist me with this.



Closed (fixed)