Cant download my database


I am trying to download my database from my virtualmin to upload it to a new hosting. I have already make a virtualserver backup of all my files, but i cant seem to find the etc_etc.msql file in there.

when i go to the database backup section it show me the database, but when i try to make a backup i have this error.

Database backup failed : mysqldump failed : cannot create /usr/home/flyspeck/: Is a directory



Howdy -- it looks like you're using Virtualmin GPL there... if you're using Virtualmin GPL, the best place to get support would be to use the Forums (which we monitor, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community).

Could you start a new Forum post, and there, let us know how you're going about creating your database backup.

Then we can go over what might be going awry there. Thanks!

On the backup form, did you choose to download the file in your browser, or backup to a file on the server?