Horde Updates/Upgrade

Several updates have been released to the Horde framework since the 3.0.5 version included in Virtualmin. The current stable release is 3.0.9, and 3.1-RC1 is also available. It would be nice to have both of these in Virtualmin.

Even though 3.1-RC1 is a pre-release, it has many new useful features and seems to be stable, but I would certainly understand if you prefer to wait until the final release.

Along with Horde, there are updates to a few of the supporting applications, and new RC1 releases for all of the following:

  • IMP H3 (4.1-RC1) (Webmail Client)

  • Turba H3 (2.1-RC1) (Contact Manager)

  • Ingo H3 (1.1-RC1) (Email Filter Rules Manager)

  • Kronolith H3 (2.1-RC1) (Calendar Application)

  • Nag H3 (2.1-RC1) (Task List Manager)

  • Mnemo H3 (2.1-RC1) (Note Manager)

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