Virtualmin and Gitlab


I would like to add Gitlab's open source version to our Virtualmin Pro instance. Is this even possible?

Just thought I would ask before getting started.





Howdy -- I unfortunately don't have any experience using GitLab.

Do you know if it can be installed within the Virtual Server's homedir, such as in /home/domain/public_html?

In general, it should be possible to get a web app working in a Virtualmin environment if the app can be run out of the user's home directory.

Gitlab is best when used on a separate system. Or you can use the docker image and proxy it to certain path.

docker system is used in Plesk Onyx to run things like this and I really like that. I think that cloudmin also supports docker but you will need a license for that .

Haven't tried installing it, thought I would ask before I did. I'd prefer not to get into the complications of Docker just yet, although at some point I would love to run Gitlab in OpenShift. I'll give it a whirl and let everyone know.