How can I delete multiple domains using virtualmin


For some reason I can't seem to figure out how to delete multiple domains at once in vm. I was expecting something like the Cloudmin interface where I can list the servers and "run commands", "apply updates", etc. Is there something like that in vm so I can delete 10-15 sites in one shot? Thought I'd be able to select domains from the "List Virtual Servers" page but I can't.

Thanks! -- Craig



Ahh, I just checked one of my pro versions and the functionality is there - this must be a pro-only feature. This is gpl we run for a dedicated dns server.

Ok, thanks - I don't have a problem with that being a pro only feature. Hope everything is going well!

-- Craig

Howdy -- we're glad you figured it out!

A way to handle that on Virtualmin GPL would be to use the command line, if you wanted. You could do something like:

virtualmin delete-domain --domain --domain --domain