to DNS or not to DNS

my virtualmin was built on ""


Step one... register a NS with namecheap.
on virtualmin, the server was built as - i then added ns1 and ns2 on namecheap as alternate NS. DONE, easy.

Step two... on virtualmin i added the a records. DONE

Step three.. this is where i am confused: Lastly, you'll want to tell Virtualmin to use your nameservers when it generates NS records for new Virtual Servers that it creates. You can do that by going into 'System Settings' -> 'Server Templates' -> 'Default Settings' -> 'BIND DNS Domain', and set 'Master DNS server hostname' as well as 'Additional manually configured nameservers'.

Q1. and set 'Master DNS server hostname' ---> set this to what? set this to,, Automatic (from system's hostname)?

Q2. as well as 'Additional manually configured nameservers'. ---> what exactly do i add here? ns1 ns2

Q3. Once I've done this for - on the other domains on the virtualmin, Do i do the same for each? By same, i mean, do i config each domain to have alternate NS with namecheap and create ns1 and ns2 per domain? or do i point all the domians that will be hosted on my virtualmin to the first domain built on the virtulamin server?

Q4. Now that I've added alternate NS from namecheap - do i use their DNS settings to create mx, a, cname records etc? Or does all this now get handled by Virtualmin and the BIND DNS?



I started with that link and my questions were directly about the last paragraph of that FAQ. Specifically, I had 4 questions that all start from that FAQ.

Sorry I missed that you shared the URL above.

Yes I'd enter "ns1" as the Master DNS server, and ns2 as the additional nameserver.

You do not need to setup other domains with nameserver records, so long as those domains are using the nameservers you've already setup.

And lastly, if you've setup nameservers to point to your server, and the DNS Domain feature is enabled, you do not need to setup any DNS records at NameCheap. All DNS setup would be done within Virtualmin (and it sets up a number of default records on it's own).