Unable to establish database connection

Good day,

I require support for a VPS that is intermittently failing (becoming more frequest - at least 10 times per day) . All virtual servers (guest hosts) fail with the error "Unable to establish a database connection".

I am running a VPS on OpenVZ, however, I am monitoring resource usage and the server resources are not beyond 10%. Memory, CPU HDD

Would appreciate support on this issue. Please advise what log files you require?



Howdy -- what is the output of the commands "dmesg | tail -50" and "free -m" on your server?

Also, can you paste in the contents of the /proc/user_beancounters file?

Lastly -- how are you fixing the issue with MySQL once it starts occurring?

Interesting though that an xmlrpc attack on one virtual server could take my entire VPS down.

Glad you got it working!

Depending on how hard your server was being hit, some sort of VPS resource threshold may have been crossed that was causing MySQL to go offline.

It also could have reached the maximum MySQL connections allowed.