Need a spam solution to use with Mailman

Hi, We use Mailman quite a bit (over 70 mailing lists) and have been getting slammed with Trojan and ransomeware. We need a mail filtering product. Does Spamassassin work with Mailman?



Howdy -- unfortunately, SpamAssassin is only really used when delivering email to a user, it isn't consulted when Mailman sends an email out.

If you haven't already, one thing you may want to do is enable greylisting, which can make a big difference in the amount of incoming spam received by your server.

That can be enabled in Email Messages -> Email Greylisting.

You're going to have to help me out with the context of your answer, where is Email Messages?

That's one of the menu options in Virtualmin -- it's on the navigation bar on the left, just under System Settings.

I dont think this will work for us, there is too much delay. Thanks.