Best practice to use existing virtualmin hosts


i am still looking into it how to proceed now.

I have virtualmin hosts, where i got enough ressources to add a lxc container for testing. So how would i proceed? Just run the cloudmin pro script on that virtualminhost?

Anything to check beforehand or what is your proposed way to do it correctly, so it does not interfere with existing installations of virtualmin?

If you would have a license scheme on virtualmin as you got it on cloudmin (on as much hosts / clients as one needs as long as you don't exceed the machine count one licensed) would be great and make life easier ;-)

But i admit that your current license scheme is better than the old one ...

Thanks and best

PS: i learned that using lxc might be a better solution then hanging around OpenVZ. What do you think?



Btw, can i use the letsencrypt cert sitting on /etc/letsencrypt within a container? i am using the cli setup, with one cert and one home directory for all domains on my virtualmin server. I'd like to use it also with lxc, without having to setup everything over again.


Howdy -- you can certainly install Cloudmin onto a server that already has Virtualmin installed; it will add Cloudmin to that installation.

As to whether to use LXC or OpenVZ, that depends on your needs... we don't have a recommendation of one or the other.

Regarding licensing -- we'd like nothing more than to do that, and that's a suggestion others have offered too. It unfortunately costs a lot more in support costs to support multiple Virtualmin servers than it does multiple Cloudmin hosts. But if we come up with a financially feasible way to handle that we'll certainly do it, thanks for your thoughts!

Lastly -- I'm not sure I follow regarding Let's Encrypt... where are you looking to use that SSL cert? However, I'll offer that now that Webmin and Virtualmin supports Let's Encrypt, you can simply have them generate a Let's Encrypt SSL cert anytime you need one.

And it looks not too bad but:

Opening port 10000 on host firewall .. Checking for port 10000 .. .. already allowed Checking for port 10001 .. Checking for port 10002 .. Checking for port 10003 .. Checking for port 10004 .. Checking for port 10005 .. Checking for port 843 .. Opened ports 10001 10002 10003 10004 10005 843 Applied configuration successfully .. failed

Cloudmin has been successfully installed. You can login to it at :

I have my virtualminservers setup like having just one certificate for all domains, just one webdirectory for authentication. I usually add the domain to the cli file for letsencrypt and add three lines to the apacheconf, so apache knows, where to find the certificate. Now i want to access the cert lying on the host from a domain within a container. How would i achieve this?

Thanks and best

A container can't access a cert file on the host system, unless you share it into the container with NFS.