unable to utilize xl toolstack with cloudmin

Error im getting is this;

Detailed status error Could not fetch Xen instances : WARING: Can't find toolstack xm, fallback to default! ERROR: A different toolstack (xl) have been selected!

1.) What exactly is a 'waring'? Spelling?

2.) Debian 8 doesn't seem to support xm toolstack anymore, but I COULD be wrong! Cloudmin doesn't seem to support xl yet.

I'm technically stuck trying to utilize cloudmin, and xen. I almost want a refund for my purchase of cloudmin, as it seems to be very buggy with xen and debian ( perhaps it's using all together ). I'd like to get my license extended for the issues, so we can work through them and make cloud/debian/xen work together on Jessie.




Cloudmin's latest release does support both the xm and xl toolstacks.

But if the xm command is installed but not working, you might get this error. Try renaming the xm command to something like xm.disabled

they both seem to be installed, and working, but it seems to be chosing xl and not working when i specify xm inside the configs. seems cloudmin only wants to read xl configs....

please advise.

is that the only way to disable xm or xl?

The next Cloudmin release will properly detect the case where the xm command is installed, but doesn't work properly.

well, it seems the issue is BOTH are installed at the same time, I believe.....

xl, and xm both work on the command line, but the cloudmin complains about using the opposite one.

cloud should detect which is installed, and which one should be used, even if both are installed.

Yes, the next release will detect the correct version.

Ok, so is there anyway to extend my registration since I was unable to successfully use your software due to errors, etc? 1 month at least? Enough time for you to fix, and then me having running correctly? My username is cesurasean for registration.

Sure, but did you first try running mv /usr/bin/xm /usr/bin/xm.disabled to force use of the new xl command?

root@vm:/home/sbrady# mv /usr/bin/xm /usr/bin/xm.disabled mv: cannot stat ‘/usr/bin/xm’: No such file or directory

I was wrong, perhaps it's not xm installed. just xl is what i have, i believe.

so, the issue is cloudmin is trying to use xm, when only xl is installed. how do i tell cloudmin i only have xl? and to use xl?

perhaps you can give user the choice between which toolkit they are using?

i believe debian has switched from xm to xl in jessie 8.0

same problem as https://www.virtualmin.com/node/40722

so needs to be reopened. cloudmin is not detecting xl is the only thing installed. it seems to think xm is installed, for some reason.

you could check the xen config file, to determine which is being used?


shows which toolstack is used. cloudmin should read this command in the file and figure out which is being used, and also WHICH are installed also, to double check.

im not sure what your current code DOES, but it obviously sucks on jessie for whatever reasons.

please extend out my membership with you, and ill be glad to point out and follow along with errors i find in cloudmin. it has been several years since we've spoke.


you claimed to have already fixed this issue, in the bug tracker. is there a reason it's not working for me then???!

"Fixed" means that the fix has been coded, but we haven't released a new version of Cloudmin that includes the fix yet.

Do you have an estimated date on release of the fix?

Jamie said that a new Cloudmin release would be coming out soon. This is a holiday weekend in the US, so it won't be today -- but I suspect it'll be this week.

It should be out today or tomorrow - I'm running final tests on the new version now.