Home directory : Home directory /home/username/domains/alias.com does not exist

The validation reports Home directory : Home directory /home/username/domains/alias.com does not exist for an alias domain which should not have home directory. Disabling and re-enabling the Apache website enabled? doesn't help. Only removing and re-creating the alias virtual server makes the validation error go away, which requires additional hassle.

I believe Virtualmin validation should not be complaining about absence of home directory for an alias virtual servers in the first place, hence reporting this issue.



Howdy -- this may depend on what type of alias it is.

If you look in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Apache Website, what is the "Create alias websites by" option set to?

The "Create alias websites by" is set to "Adding ServerAlias to parent", so the system should not try to create home directory, but it is giving the above error.

You're right that alias domains don't really need a home directory, and Virtualmin won't always create one. But if it did, it does expect that directory to continue to exist..