Transfer post a backup - to FTP

Hello there,

Dont know if it makes sense to also provide an option of transferring a backup to FTP for example(could use a dialog similar to the options while scheduling), while reviewing the logs page. I know this could be done via filemin easily, but we are all lazy :)




Howdy -- hmm, I'm not sure I follow... what is it that you're hoping to see there on the logs page?

Could you describe how you see that working?

lets assume you have a backup done and see it in the backup logs.. for some reason, you would like to transfer this to another system like a FTP or amazon cloud? you would have to do this manually for this backup or reschedule this backup and transfer to FTP via the schedule.. do you see the point?

I have to say this is not critical and a good to have..

I don't think we would implement this any time soon, since Virtualmin already has an option to write a backup directly to an FTP server.

no worries, as i realized this is a good to have than an essential feature... leave it to you to close this topic.